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The oldest and most experienced Spanish school in Granada, Nicaragua, was established on April 1996 and has been has been providing high-quality language training to travelers and professionals for over 14 years and is open, to serve you best, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week including weekends and holidays.
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In order to develop, as quickly as possible, our students’ conversational skills, the school’s material has been carefully adapted to excel our students’ speaking, listening and understanding abilities.
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Low-priced, mouth-watering meals

Students and visitors can now enjoy in Granada a freshly cooked vegetarian meal at our new nicaraguan-vegetarian eatery “LA MERIENDA” where we offer students and travelers yummy, garden fresh meals at a very low cost.
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Registration fee is not required at our Nicaraguan Spanish school, but reservation before arrival is needed to ensure our students’ placement for morning courses.
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One on One Tutoring
Calle La Calzada del Colegio Carlos A. Bravo 45 varas al lago.

Email: [email protected]

(505) 8442-6288

Promotional tutoring package

Tutoring and meal package

For those students on a tight budget who would enjoy having a hygienic, inexpensive and decent meal, One on One Tutoring offers the opportunity of tasting a wide array of well guarded Nicaraguan recipes that will make your mouth water while enjoying our beautiful town and learning Spanish in a rapid, easy, accurate and intensive way.

Students at One on One Tutoring can choose between having one or two meals per day for five days of the week and Spanish tutoring. The cost:Package 1a.- One meal per day (lunch or dinner) and 10 hours of Spanish tutoring: $65 USD
Package 1b.- Two meals per day (lunch or dinner) and 10 hours of Spanish tutoring: $75 USD
Package 1c.- One meal per day (lunch or dinner) and 20 hours of Spanish tutoring: $110 USD
Package 1d.- Two meals per day (lunch or dinner) and 20 hours of Spanish tutoring: $120 USD

Next you will find a copy of our menu:

Lunch and Dinner Menu

None vegetarian students may add chicken or beef to any platter

# 1.- Vegetales en ajo & mantequilla – vegetables garlic & butter

# 2.- Vegetales al ajillo – Vegetables in tomatoe & garlic sauce

# 3.- Vegetales en salsa picante – Vegetables in tomato hot sauce

# 4.- Vegetales a la naranja – Vegetables in honey-orange sauce

# 5.- Vegetales en crema – Vegetables in cream sauce

# 6.- Vegetales empanizado – Egg battered vegetables

# 7.- Sofrito chino – Vegetables soy sauce

# 8.- Sofrito nicoya – Nicaraguan stir-fried vegetables

# 9.- Pasta vegetariana – Vegetarian pasta

# 10.- Tortitas vegetarianas – Vegetarian patties

# 11.- Reprochetas vegetarianas – Vegetable puree over fried tortillas

# 12.- Indio viejo vegetariano – Vegetarian version of the classical nica stew

# 13.- Tacos vegetarianos – Vegetarian tacos

# 14.- Tacos de pollo o pescado / Chicken or fish taco

# 15.- Pescado empanizado / Egg battered fish medallions

# 16. – Pollo frito – pan fried chicken

# 17.- Pollo en salsa – chicken w/ pepers, onions & tomatoes

# 18.- Sopa de yuca – Casava soup

# 19.- Sopa de tortilla – Tortilla soup

# 20.- Sopa de frijoles – Bean soup

# 21.-Sopa de vegetales – Veggies soup

One on One Tutoring
-Totally Nicaraguan and ready to serve you!

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