Our Program

An unique learning experience!

Classes at One on One Tutoring Spanish school, in granada nicaragua, are never tedious or boring. They are easy, but intensive; fast paced, but precise. In addition, students (depending on their learning abilities) do cover in a day, and in a week of class, areas of our language that others schools do not: Grammar, comprehension, reading, conversation, vocabulary, listening and exercises.

Each student gets two to four Spanish tutors to help him or her improve his/her listening skills as quickly as possible. One of the tutors is bilingual and will answer any questions the student might have.


Our Beginners and beginner-intermediate students use our English-Spanish teaching material. If needed, students do follow their class by reading the material's explanations in English. Our classes are 100% oral and the written part is left as homework. So, from day one, you will speak, speak and speak in Spanish.

For intermediate and advanced students our teaching material and the whole class is 100% percent in Spanish and, their difficulty level is medium to high. The instructors do not speak English and homework is always there, for the student. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT OUR SPANISH LESSONS ONLINE.