Your options are

Students may pay in person at the office upon arrival in Granada, via Western Union or Moneygram.

Please make money transfer available to:

Roger Antonio Ramirez
Calle La Calzada Granada Nicaragua #450
(505) 5749 - 7785

  • Via Western Union (Prefered by us).
  • 1. Have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card at hand
    2. Click Here for Western
    3. Click Get the Stared button (right side of website)
    4. Fill the information required and click find option

    5. Choose Cash Pickup in Minutes
    6. Send us reference number sent to you by Western Union, your whole name and location.

  • By MoneyGram.
  • 1. Link to MoneyGram
    2. Complete the transaction
    3. Send us the reference number sent to you by MoneyGram, your whole name and location