One on One

Experienced & Professional

Located on Granada's main street, the cleanest, safest and most beautiful street in town, at a five minutes' walk to and from Parque Central and to and from the Lake Nicaragua, One on One Tutoring is a small language school that for years has been offering high-quality Spanish language training to travelers, students and professional of all ages from all around the world.

In 1994, Roger A, Ramirez started working as a private Spanish tutor for the first foreigners that came to reside in Granada. On April

15th. 1996, One on One Tutoring Spanish Language School in Granada Nicaragua opened its doors for the first time.

The instructors at One on One Tutoring are trained and certified by INATEC (Nicaraguan Technological Institute) from beginning to advanced levels, and throughout the years, One on One Tutoring has been, and still is, the only Spanish school to have passed the rigorous INATEC's certification process.

Our school is the only Spanish language school in Nicaragua to possess its own teaching material, which has been carefully elaborated and excelled throughout the years not only with the tutors' assistance, but also, with the priceless cooperation of all

those students who told us what they wanted to know, how they wanted it explained and what our material should include or, avoid.

So, in conclusion, we do not offer you fun and entertainment, afternoon activities with hidden prices or the best time of your life as a tourist. We offer you two to four daily rotating tutors per student to help you develop your listening skills and our best effort to make this your best learning experience ever!


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