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Searching for the best Nicaragua Spanish Schools in Nicaragua?
Spanish School in Granada, Nicaragua.
Our language school
offers you Spanish lessons one-to-one, Spanish to English learning resources for beginners and beginner-intermediate students , and the best learning experience ever for students of all ages
Spanish lessons online.
Spanish class and individual Spanish lessons online via Skype, Google Hangout and other easy programs so you can study Spanish wherever and whenever you want with your own private tutor.
What to Study, what to learn and how to speak.
Traditional Spanish is the formal Spanish taught at any language school in Latino America, which is, somehow, similar to the one used in Spain, and uses the singular "tú" form. Useful in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.
But the informal "vos" form is applied in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. None the less, in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela, both forms are used.
Come to us and learn how we do it. And also, to learn Spanish the right way!
If you really want to learn Spanish fast, and if you really want to communicate with the Hispanic community throughout Latin America and the world without having to worry about what the local Spanish dialect might be, One on One Tutoring Spanish language school in Nicaragua offers you its intensive easy to grab "Español Latino, de Golpe y A Toda Maquina" Spanish language course.

A Spanish language course aimed to develop as quickly as possible our students' conversational skills, the material and teaching technique have been carefully adapted to excel our students' speaking, listening and understanding abilities, making it possible to communicate with Hispanic people all over Latin America.

Our teaching methodology combines Spanish education and linguistics with personal interaction to enable you to learn Spanish FASTER than ever before!!! Furthermore, founder and owner Roger Ramirez Sr. is still one of the tutors and is always at the center keeping up the quality that has earned him the experience to make him one of the best Spanish tutors in Granada.

So, if you are coming to Nicaragua, if you are having difficulties with our language or, if you just want to learn the Spanish basics; come and visit us!

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